After we decided to move back to Europe Loes made it clear that she wouldn’t leave the US without doing first the trip to Hawaii that I had promised her. And so, with a healthy desire of preserving domestic stability we went to Hawaii a month before leaving the US. We arrived at Kahului Airport on the northern part of Maui soon after noon. The airport was one of the smallest I’ve been to and its lack of paranoid and unreasonable levels of security measures as well as its wooden food and rental car stalls made it look like what my imagination assumes an airport looked like thirty years ago.

Baptism of fire

Last weekend we celebrated Loes’ birthday with a bike ride to a nearby park south of Cupertino, California. Our original goal was to go a bit farther than the park we went to last time. However at the junction where we should have turned left I was convinced we had to turn right. Instead of a relaxed twenty minutes ride we spent the next hour clambering 600 meters (2000 feet) elevation with 9% average grade and some stretches exceeding 18% inclination.

Two years in Silicon Valley, two years in the suburbs

It has been nearly two years since we moved to the US. This post is about some of the little things that we have noticed living in the suburbs of Silicon Valley, California. We do the laundry in a laundry room outside of our apartment, and we have to pay $1.50 plus detergent every time. On the one hand you spend more money, on the other I think it’s good for the environment because it reduces usage.


We are one week away from Halloween and walking around the neighborhood you can see how people are preparing for it. During Christmas it was all about overweight men flying in sleighs and red socks hanging all over the place. Now it’s all about undead people and scary stuff. It’s interesting to see how much dedication some people put into it.

Stevens Creek County Park

I currently live in the middle of Silicon Valley which is pretty much a suburban area that spans across multiple cities. However if you grab your bike and ride just a few kilometers south you will quickly find yourself surrounded by nature. Last week we did precisely that and we ended up in Stevens Creek County Park. Stevens Creek County Park is located a couple of kilometers south of Cupertino and it shares name with the trail that takes me to work every day, Stevens Creek trail.

Clarion Alley

1 A few months ago while wandering around the Mission District in San Francisco we stumbled upon Clarion Alley, a small street full of murals. Here are some of them. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 You are half-way through.

A glimpse of nature near the bay

A few days ago we went biking near San Francisco bay, north of Mountain View and Sunnyvale. It was already late November but this part of California has a wonderful weather. What follows is part of what we saw during that ride. At least in this area of California there is also a strong culture of health. During the week and on weekends I can see people of all ages and nationalities biking, running, jogging or walking their dogs at any time.

A tale of signs

After more than two months living in the US and with the big things out of the way I’m starting to have time to find the more subtle differences between the US and Europe. This post is a collection of signs that I saw yesterday while I was photowalking through San Francisco with Loes. Does this imply that kids may randomly start flying around and hitting innocent cars?

The Golden Gate Adventure

This adventure starts about an hour before taking the previous photo. I had decided I wanted to go visit the Golden Gate that day because I already had tickets for Alcatraz for the day after which was my last day in San Francisco. The grey tint on buildings and cars, the white sky, the steep road ahead of me… The hints were everywhere but I wasn’t looking at them.

San Francisco, the Collage City

Last week I was in San Francisco. After New York, which reminded of the Grid from Tron, San Francisco felt like a 3D collage. I will show a few examples of what I mean: This is how most of San Francisco looks like: hills, low buildings and trees. Parking your car has never been so fun. An American style red brick building on the right, a hill at the back, Spanish themed street names, Chinese shops, Indian traffic, Japanese visual pollution.