Living in the US '12

A few more stories from New York

The day after I arrived to New York I went to buy some clothes. While navigating through the city in search of a clothes shop (I’m not too experienced in this field) I discovered how useful the street naming and layout systems they have used are. North-South streets are named “1st Avenue”, “2nd Avenue” and so on while East-West streets are named “1st Street”, “2nd Street”, etc. For someone like me who easily gets lost without maps having a deterministic street layout and naming system is a blessing.

New York

Manhattan as I see it from my apartment. I am writing these lines sitting on my bed after the first few hours in New York where I will be staying for a few days. After living in Dublin for some time the noise and pollution of New York were one of the first things I noticed. But that was after I spotted the beautiful skyline of the city. A few fresh impressions follow:

Observations from my year at UIUC

Looking out of my apartment at 2:30am. Inviting, isn’t it? This is a compilation of random details that stroke me as curious during my year abroad at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign: The statue of a man reading a book. Near the entrace of Grainger Library there is a statue of a man reading a book about the future. Besides the inherent creepiness of suddenly meeting him at night while walking near the library he also has his own twitter account.