I open my eyes.

The room is dark. I have temporarily left my oniric world for no particular reason. She’s sleeping peacefully, lying by my side. Her eyes are closed but her face is looking in my direction. Her lips are outlining a calm smile. I caress her skin and I feel like it’s the most precious thing I have ever touched.

Everything is sleeping, nothing moves, no light, no sounds. I can see the silence in front of me, awaken, staring at me. It is just a few centimeters away. When I look at it I feel powerful waves in my heart. She and the silence are intimately connected. The nearer I am to one of them the nearer I am to the other. I don’t need anything else to be happy. I hope she feels the same way towards me. She is the only thing I really need, she brings me the silence. It’s pure happiness.

I close the eyes.

I open the eyes again. She’s not there anymore. The silence is still in front of me but now it’s farther. The warm waves that were bringing me so much energy have stopped moving.

The silence feels so near when you have someone you can love without limits and who loves you in the same way…

I close my eyes.