Listening to my intuition

After years of neglect I’m starting to listen more to my intuition.

One of the things that it persistently suggests me to do is to go out for a walk. When I’m out I listen for further instructions, but the only thing I feel is a sensation that put into words would sound like “Keep walking, slowly”.

After a while I usually feel that it’s time to go back home, but without any sense of urgency.

To some people this might sound normal. To me it’s truly a leap of faith, it’s like agreeing to walk blindfolded.

Once I’m back home, the older goal-setter, narrow-mindedly time-manager voice that I have been listening to for too long tells me that I don’t have anything to show, no insights, no tasks done. True. However the serenity I feel during and after this walks is so overpowering that I know which voice truly matters most.

Farm from where I live, crested by the Alps.