Moonwalking with Einstein

Interesting ideas from Moonwalking with Einstein: Our memories are associative. If you want to maximize the strength of a newly formed memory spend a few seconds coming up with related ideas and associations. For extra support involve multiple senses. Chunking information means reducing the number of items we have to remember by increasing their size. If you want to remember more and use your knowledge more effectively chunk it. For example, if you want to play chess like a grandmaster don’t try to remember each piece in isolation, first spend time building a collection of common formations of pieces and later you will only need to remember that the board had 2 or 3 formations instead of 12 individual.

The Effective Executive

This post is a summary of The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker. Keep in mind that for Drucker an executive is “anyone who seriously affects the ability of an organization to perform”. Which makes many information workers, among others, executives. 1. Effectiveness can be learned Executive’s performance requires the following five habits: Know where your time goes and systematically manage it. Focus on results rather than work required.

Getting Things Done – Productividad sin estrés

Uno de los libros que he leído durante este 2008 ha sido Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity de David Allen. En él su autor propone el siguiente método de productividad personal: cada vez que te venga un pensamiento deséchalo si no merece la pena o en caso contrario apúntalo para quitártelo de la cabeza (fase de recogida) cada cierto tiempo procesa la lista de pensamientos. Para cada pensamiento si es algo “accionable” y te lleva menos de 2 minutos házlo en ese momento.